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Bunions can be incredibly painful, though initially, you may not notice any symptoms.  Over time, however, as your big toe joint misaligns, you’ll notice swelling, and tenderness. Pain from it can ultimately make it uncomfortable to wear shoes.  The medical term for a bunion is Hallux Valgus deformity.

What causes a bunion?

It appears to have a genetic link as they occur frequently in families. However, wearing narrow, tight-fitting shoes is also a likely cause of it.

It develop due to a misalignment of the big toe joint. This causes your big toe to tilt towards your other toes. As the joint continues to deviate, a large bump develops on the outside of the big toe. Untreated it can and do often lead to arthritis in the foot. Additionally, It may lead to hammertoe and bursitis in the foot, so it’s important to seek treatment for it as soon as possible. 

Treatment for Bunions in Ohio

Unlike many foot and ankle conditions, It often can’t be fixed with conservative (non-surgical) treatments. Conservative treatments may resolve pain temporarily, but don’t treat the underlying cause, which is the misalignment of the joint.  Fortunately, innovative new minimally invasive procedures offer excellent treatment of it.