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Foot Sprains

A tear or severe stretch of the ligaments attaching bones inside a joint in the foot is known as a foot sprain. Foot sprains are quite common and frequently results from sports.

A foot sprain may range from mildly uncomfortable to severely painful. If your foot is painful, swollen, or if you cannot use it, schedule an appointment today at Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists to rule out other conditions, or to receive expert care

Symptoms of a Foot Sprain

If you’ve stretched or torn ligaments in your foot, resulting in a sprain you may experience:

  • Acute pain in the foot
  • Aching deep inside the foot
  • Swelling on the bottom of the foot
  • Inability to walk/bear weight on your foot
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery for severe sprains  

Is a foot sprain the same as a strain?

Foot sprains are not the same as a sprain. If you’ve sprained your foot, you’ve suffered an injury to the ligaments in the foot.  A foot strain, on the other hand, involves the muscles and/or tendons in the foot.  If you sprain your foot, you may hear an audible pop or tearing sound.  

Treatment for a Foot Sprain in Ohio

At Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists, our top Ohio podiatrists will examine your foot, toes, and ankle. Imaging tests may be ordered to rule out other conditions. If you are diagnosed with a sprain your podiatrist will recommend that you rest, ice, elevate your foot.  You may need to wrap the foot as well for a few days. Over-the-counter pain medication may be recommended to keep you comfortable.  In some cases, compression bands, or a splint may be recommended.  

Shoe inserts can also help your foot to heal if you’ve suffered a foot sprain. It’s important that you seek treatment if you’ve sprained your foot. If left untreated, a foot sprain can lead to weak ligaments which can result in future sprains, strains, or instability.  Schedule an appointment today at Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists if you’re dealing with pain in your foot, ankle, or toes.