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Ganglion Cyst

If you notice a lump on your foot, that seems to be filled with a jelly-like substance, you may have developed a ganglion cyst.  The good news is that are not cancerous.  However, they can become painful and require treatment.

What causes a ganglion cyst on the foot?

The exact cause of this on the feet is unknown.  However, they form near joints and tendons in the foot and appear to result from leaking synovial fluid from the joints or tendons.  This is in the foot and they also tend to appear in areas that have experienced trauma from an injury, or repeated overuse injuries.

Does a ganglion cyst on the foot require treatment?

Many of these cysts will disappear on their own, but it can take years. So, it is advisable to see a top Ohio podiatrist if the cyst is causing pain. If a ganglion cyst is restricting mobility or causing pain, Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists may recommend treatment such as:  

  • Draining the fluid (aspiration)
  • Injecting a steroid medication into the cyst
  • Icing the cysts 
  • Modifying footwear
  • Surgical removal

Any unusual bump, pain, cyst, or swelling in the feet or ankles should be examined by a top podiatrist in Ohio.  Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists have multiple locations throughout the state to provide you with expert podiatry care.