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Hallux Pinch Callus (Big Toe Callus)

Though most callouses on the feet are painless, the exception can be a big toe callus. The medical term for callus on your big toe is hallux pinch callus. Found along the side of your big toe, these calluses can be quite painful.

What causes a callus on your big toe?

Thick patches of skin on your feet or toes are calluses. Although they can cause pain, they actually form to prevent pain.  They develop over time as a reaction to frequent rubbing or friction caused by shoes.  High-heeled and pointy-toed shoes in particular are responsible for causing calluses. However, even running shoes or athletic shoes can lead to the formation of calluses. Finally, wearing shoes without socks also increases your odds of developing hallux pinch calluses.


Treatment for Big Toe Callus in Ohio

A painful hallux pinch callus can be quickly and easily removed at Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists.  This simple procedure involves the removal of dead skin, for most individuals. For those who have diabetes or other circulatory problems, surgery may be required to remove a callus that has become infected.