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Shin Splints

Shin splints are quite common. The medical term for shin splints is medial tibial stress syndrome. This condition results in pain in the front of the shin, along the inner edge of the shinbone. It occurs due to overworking the muscles, bone tissue, and tendons. This condition is common in athletes. Fortunately, shin splints can be easily treated in many cases.

Symptoms of Shin Splints

Shin splints cause pain on the front and outside of your shin. You’ll notice it when your heel touches the ground. Or pain may begin on the inside of your lower leg between your ankle and knee. The pain is often worse if you stand on your toes or roll your ankle. If you don’t change your shoes or lifestyle, your shin splints are likely to get worse. 

Shin Splint Treatment in Ohio

Treatment for shin splints begins with a pause on the activities that are causing pain. You’ll also need to do special stretching exercises and strengthening exercises. In addition, you will likely take an anti-inflammatory medication, and ice the area.  Our top podiatrists at Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialist may also provide custom orthotics to use to reduce pressure on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Do shin splints require surgery?

It is rare to require surgery for shin splints. For severe cases, surgeries known as fasciotomy or periosteal stripping may be used. 

What happens if shin splints go untreated?

Untreated shin splints will lead to worsening pain. It can also to stress fractures. So it’s best to see a top Ohio podiatrist if you’re experiencing shin splints.  A bit of rest, ice, and special shoe inserts may be all that is needed to alleviate your pain.