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Believe it or not, the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that nearly 40,000 people will suffer an injury due to a lawn mower accident each year. The most common injuries are wounds sustained from blades that turn at an astonishing rate of 3,000 revolutions each minute. Other injuries include burns, broken bones, and even amputations.

If you sustain an injury to your foot as the result of a lawn mower accident, seek emergency medical care. Wounds and burns need to be thoroughly cleaned and dressed. Broken bones should be stabilized as soon as possible. Amputated digits may be preserved with emergency care.

Failure to treat wounds and burns can lead to life-threatening infections. Fractures that are not properly treated may heal slowly or improperly leading to arthritis.

It is much easier to prevent a lawn mower injury than it is to treat a severe injury to the foot. To prevent injury to your feet when mowing the lawn follow these tips:

  • Keep children away from lawn mowers
  • Always wear shoes (not flip flops) when mowing the lawn
  • Use a mower that automatically halts forward motion when the handle is released
  • Avoid mowing a wet lawn (slipping can result in injury)
  • Mow across any slopes, instead of mowing up and down
  • Ensure the clip bag is always attached
  • Refrain from pulling a push-mower

After any injury to the foot, it’s wise to follow up with a podiatrist to ensure a healthy recovery.

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