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Wound Care for Diabetes, PAD, and Circulatory Problems

Diabetic foot wounds and ulcers need to be taken very seriously. If left untreated, wounds in the feet may become infected…

Minimally Invasive Bunion Correction

Bunions are not only unsightly but painful and potentially destructive to the overall structure of your foot. Forming at the joint base of your…

Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgery

Structural deformities of the foot and ankle require surgery to repair and restore function. The expert podiatrists at Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists…

Foot and Toe Joint Pain Treatment

The bones and joints in the feet and toes bear all our weight from the time we begin walking. So it is not uncommon to develop various joint conditions…

Foot and Toe Deformities

Our top Ohio podiatrists are experts in treating all foot and toe deformities. Wherever possible, conservative treatments will be used. However…

Aesthetic/Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Aesthetic or cosmetic foot surgery not only improves the appearance of the feet and provides a self-esteem boost; it often also greatly aids in the…