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Aesthetic/Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Aesthetic or cosmetic foot surgery not only improves the appearance of the feet and provides a self-esteem boost; it often also greatly aids in the proper function of the foot. This can lead to reduced pain. Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists employ the most modern surgical techniques to improve both the appearance and function of your feet and toes.

How can I make my feet prettier?

Ohio foot and ankle specialists can help improve the appearance of your feet. Cosmetic surgery for the feet can:

  • Remove bunions
  • Shorten toes
  • Lengthen toes
  • Slim toes
  • Correct hammertoe
  • Correct fifth or pinky toe alignment
  • Plump the fat pad (for comfort in high heels)
  • Reduce excessive foot sweating (with Botox injections)
  • Minimize the appearance of spider and varicose veins

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