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Minimally Invasive Bunion Correction

Bunions are not only unsightly, but painful and potentially destructive to the overall structure of your foot. Forming at the joint base of your big toe, bunions known as hallux valgus are often hereditary.

Symptoms of Bunions

Symptoms of bunions arise most often when wearing tight-fitting shoes. High heels are notorious for exacerbating the underlying structural problem in the foot that causes bunions. Symptoms of bunions include:

  • Pain, tenderness, soreness where the bunion is located
  • Redness and inflammation on the side of your big toe 
  • Burning sensation at the bunion site
  • Occasional numbness at the site of the bunion.

Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment

For small, and nondisruptive bunions, conservative, non-surgical treatments may alleviate pain caused by a bunion. These treatments may include:

Minimally Invasive Bunion Correction Surgery

Although non-surgical treatments for bunions may alleviate the pain and discomfort it is causing you, they won’t prevent further damage to the joint.  Bunions are progressive in nature, so they will not simply go away with time.  To prevent further joint damage, and to alleviate pain, surgery is often necessary to correct the misalignment of the bones.

Fortunately, at Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists, we embrace innovation and are proud to offer the latest  in minimally invasive Bunion Correction procedures, which also expedites recovery time from surgery.