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Wound Care for Diabetes, PAD, and Circulatory Problems

Diabetic foot ulcers and wounds need to be taken very seriously. If left untreated, wounds in the feet may become infected, leading to severe illness, and potential loss of limb. Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists are experts in wound care and limb preservation for individuals with diabetes.

Approximately 15% of all individuals who have diabetes will experience a diabetic wound frequently on the bottom of the foot. If the wound is not treated, it will progress to an ulcer. Diabetic foot ulcers send thousands of individuals to the hospital each year.

If you are experiencing Diabetic Foot Ulcers or Wounds, Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), or Circulatory Issues affecting your feet, please contact us here, or call for an appointment with our expert podiatrists at 614.239.9444

What causes Diabetic Foot Ulcers?

Diabetic foot ulcers have multiple causes, and frequently, it is a combination of several factors that lead to the development of wounds and ulcers.  Five major culprits are to blame for causing diabetic foot ulcers. They are:

  • High blood sugar levels that restrict the delivery of blood and oxygen needed for healing
  • Nerve damage which causes wounds to go unnoticed, until they have become infected
  • Poor circulation resulting in the development of peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
  • Weekend immune systems that are unable to properly heal wounds
  • Severe infections due to the compromised immune system

Wounds on the feet that are not properly treated put you at great risk for severe infection, or amputation. Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists are dedicated to limb preservation and will work with you to ensure your feet stay healthy.

Best Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Treatment in Ohio
Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists are experienced, compassionate, and highly regarded for their successful treatment and management of diabetic foot ulcers and wounds. From thoroughly cleaning the wound to medicating the wound, to keeping the wound in clean dressing, our Podiatrists will help you manage wounds. We also provide precise take-home instructions and follow-up appointments regularly to ensure your wounds or ulcers are healing. 

Foot and Wound Care for PAD
Peripheral arterial disease decreases the flow of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to the legs and feet. That means that any cut, scrape, or wound you get in your lower extremity does not receive the blood and oxygen it needs to heal.  

At Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists, we have years of experience helping individuals with PAD and other circulatory issues to maintain healthy feet and prevent infection.  If you’ve already developed a wound on your foot or ankle, schedule an appointment today to begin treatment immediately.  

Foot and Wound Care for Circulatory Problems
Circulation problems caused by faulty valves in the deep veins is known as venous insufficiency.  This can cause fluid accumulation in the feet, ankles, and legs leading to swelling and varicose veins. This may also lead to blood clots.  If left untreated, red blood cells rupture, leading to dark stains on the skin.  The skin will then turn shiny, and small blisters may appear, which may leak and cause skin ulcerations.  Ulcers increase your risk of complications including severe infections.

Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists can help.  From draining the fluid from to providing compression garments to reduce swelling, to caring for wounds if they develop, our top podiatrists are here to help if you’re dealing with swelling and wounds resulting from circulation problems. 

Best Foot Wound Treatment for Individuals with Circulatory Problems
Contact Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists today for help treating swelling in the feet, ankles, and legs caused by circulation problems. Our top podiatrists are here to help you prevent infection from wounds caused by venous insufficiency.