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Big Toe Deformity (Hallux Varus)

A condition in which your big toe points outward and away from your other toes is known as hallux varus. Though this big toe deformity is commonly associated with an overcorrected bunion, it may also be caused by congenital deformities, or an injury (trauma). 

Complications of Hallux Varus

If left untreated, hallux varus can lead to

  • Chronic pain
  • Difficulty walking/standing
  • Pain when wearing shoes
  • Reduced or limited range of motion
  • Swelling throughout the foot and ankle
  • Weakness in the foot

Treatment for Big Toe Deformity in Ohio

Custom orthotics may help to correct a big toe deformity when used in conjunction with physical therapy and other conservative treatments. However, many people with hallux varus may require surgery.

When surgery is indicated, the expert podiatrists at Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists often use the innovative FastForward Hallux Varus procedure, which involves a small incision, and the insertion of tiny screws to realign the big toe, and second toe. As a corrective surgery, the FastForward Hallux Varus procedure results in straightening the toe, with minimal visible scarring.